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It’s safe to say this year has been a little different to most!

Now lockdown restrictions are being eased, and people are starting to leave their houses more often. We have created a tricky summer brainteaser to celebrate the country getting back to normal, in the hope of reminding them not to let their heating systems fall into dangerous disrepair as they venture back outside!

Jan and Den own the home below, and have gone down to the beach to enjoy a G&T or two, but all hell has broken loose at home! Can you spot the 5 heating related issues in their house?

Hidden in the house is a blocked-up chimney, a leaky radiator, a couple of broken pipes and a boiler that is about to blow.

Concentration is key here: On average it takes people 1 minute and 44 seconds to solve the brainteaser. In that time 136 summer holidays will be booked in the UK! Can you help spot them before Jan and Den get back home?