How long does it take to fit a boiler?

Replacing a boiler usually takes between 1 and 5 days. As with any home improvement or maintenance, there are best-case and worst-case scenarios. Generally speaking, there are four main boiler installation processes that determine how long a boiler installation will take. These include:

  • Simply replacing or swapping out your boiler (typically 1 day);
  • Relocating your boiler (typically 2 days);
  • Changing the boiler system; or (typically 2 – 5 days),
  • Any additional services needed, such as a power flush (typically adds a day).

Also, it’s worth considering that there will be more heating engineers available at short notice during the summer months, as British Gas mention in their boiler installation guide.

Let’s take at how long you can expect each kind of boiler installation to take.

how long does it take to fit a new boiler and get the bath working again?

Replacing or Swapping your Boiler (Typically 1 day)

This is the quickest route to getting a new boiler installed. If your pipework is in good condition and can still be used, then your new boiler can be installed in just one day.

It can be as simple as an engineer arriving with the replacement boiler and swapping it out – just like that. However, this is dependent on everything going smoothly.

You’ll know, as a homeowner, this isn’t always the case. Old pipework and new regulations could mean that your engineer will need some more time to facilitate the installation. Still, these are not likely to extend the timeframe by too much longer. 

Relocating your Boiler (Typically 1 – 2 Days)

Getting a new boiler installed in a different location to where it is now is likely to add an extra day to the process.

It could be worth the extra time, though, to gain more space, improve the look of your home and to move the system to a quieter location.

Installing your new boiler in a different location, such as from your kitchen and into your garage, requires extra work.

Your engineer might need to do some pipework or even lift some floorboards to reconfigure your home.

Speak to your engineer about your requirements and they can then visit your home and give you an accurate estimation.

As a rule of thumb, the further your new boiler location is from the current one, the longer it will take to move the boiler. 

Changing your Boiler System (Typically 2 – 5 days)

You might not have considered it before, but this could be a good time to change your boiler system.

Have you got access to all the hot water you need? Can you get hot water in two bathrooms at once? If your boiler is not meeting your needs, you can ask to have the system changed, rather than just opting for a simple replacement boiler.

There are three boiler systems available; combi boilers, system boilers and conventional boilers. Your engineer can assess your needs with you, but here’s an overview to help:  

Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are a great choice for smaller properties, such as studios and apartments, due to their compact size. There’s no need for a loft tank with a combi and they provide constant hot water from the mains.

System Boilers

System boilers are usually appropriate in homes with more than one bathroom, such as two or three-bedroom terraced properties. Like combi boilers, they also don’t require a loft tank and provide a constant supply of hot water from the mains. 

Conventional Boilers

Conventional boilers suit homes where lots of hot water is being used at the same time, such as homes with more than two bathrooms, or commercial buildings. You’ll need both a loft tank and a hot water tank for this type of boiler.

If you’re unsure whether or not you should change your boiler system, speak to your engineer when you’re looking for quotes. We can compare quotes and connect you to local boiler installers via our easy online tool, here. 

Additional services, such as Powerflush or Scaffolding (Typically adds a day)

Your engineer will need to access your boiler’s flue. A flue is a pipe that expells exhaust gases from your boilers system, out of your home.

These can be in hard to reach spaces, such as your roof, and thus require scaffolding to access.

In this case, your engineer will need more time for the installation, as the scaffolding will need to be erected. 

You might also opt for an additional service, such as a powerflush. Powerflush is a method used by engineers to circulate high-strength chemicals around your pipes.

This removes any rust, sludge, limescale and other debris that might have built up in your system. Powerflushing will improve the efficiency of heating system and reduce the need for repairs in the long-run.

Do you know those banging noises that come from your radiator? A powerflush can stop that, too! Just ask your engineer to include this in your boiler replacement. 

Any additional service that you need or want your engineer to perform will, of course, add extra time to your installation. 

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