The 2025 UK Gas Ban: everything you need to know

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From 2025 it will be illegal to install a gas boiler, or any other fossil-fuel heating system, in new build homes. 

Despite a lot of misinterpretation of the new rule in the press, this does not mean that you’ll have to replace your current central heating system. 

There has been a mixed reception to the ban with many perceiving it as a backwards step when considering the efficiency of gas boilers. 

In this article, HomeSage answers the commonly asked questions on the UK Gas Ban:

  • What is the UK Gas Ban?
  • Will I need to replace my boiler?
  • What will replace gas boilers?
  • Can I make my existing boiler more eco-friendly?

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What is the UK Gas Ban? 

In 2019 the UK Government announced the introduction of the Future Homes Standard; a set of rules and regulations for new build properties to tackle climate change.

It mandates the end of fossil-fuel heating systems, as well as new standards for ventilation, airtightness and carbon efficiency ratings.  

These rules are referred to as the “Gas Ban” as gas is the most used fuel in UK homes right now. 

It won’t affect the average homeowner, as it only applies to new build properties. 

From 2025, new build properties will be installed with Low-Carbon Heating Systems such as heat pumps.

It doesn’t mean that your current central heating system is suddenly inadequate – gas is an extremely efficient choice. 

Many believe it is not enough to tackle climate change, such as Prof Sam Fankhauser, from the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change: 

 “To be fully effective, stringent standards for new homes need to be complemented by more funding for energy efficiency upgrades in existing homes, such as for insulation and better boilers.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the UK Gas Ban

Creates sustainable homes for the future.Often less effective than gas central heating.
Cost-effective to install whilst building rather than retro-fitting down the line. Usually more expensive to run than fossil fuel alternatives.
Effective in well-insulated homes.Does not combat emissions from old boilers in existing homes.
Does not consider the individual needs of each home. 

With 14% of carbon emissions coming from homes, we believe that legislation and funding would be best focused on replacing old and inefficient boiler models in homes across the country. 

Will I have to replace my boiler? 

boiler installation
Credit: Worcester Bosch

No, you won’t. 

The gas ban will only to apply to new build homes from 2025, meaning your central heating system is perfectly usable and legal! 

However, if you are currently running an old boiler, it might be time to consider replacing it. 

Check the energy efficiency grade of your model, bearing in mind that the closer you are to a ‘G’ grade, the more you are spending and the more emissions you are producing. 

New boilers are designed to be 92% efficient, compared to older boilers that usually only reach 50%-60% efficiency. 

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What will boilers be replaced with? 

There are three main fossil-fuel alternatives that will be used in new builds after 2025: heat pumps, electric boilers and solar heating systems. 

Here’s an overview of each option.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are likely to be the most common choice for developers when the gas ban comes into effect.

They work by absorbing natural heat from the ground, air or water, then compressing this heat to increase the temperature further. 

This is then used to heat the cold water in your heating system, with no need for fossil fuel. 

Heat Pumps cost around £23,000 to retrofit, so are only a good option for new builds or those with sizeable budgets. 

Electric Boilers

Boiler heating systems will still be an option, providing they use renewable energy as their fuel source.

Electric boilers work in the same way as gas ones, simply using a different fuel to heat your home’s water. 

A major disadvantage of electric boilers is their running costs.

Solar Heating Systems

Solar heating systems use solar panels to heat the hot water which is stored in a tank in your home.

The system is not suitable for everyone as it depends on how much sunlight is available and also whether your roof is suitable for their installation. 

It is rare in the UK for solar heating systems alone to be sufficient for heating a home.

Can I make my gas boiler more eco-friendly?

A well-maintained gas boiler is already a great choice for the eco-conscious, however, there are some steps you can take to improve your eco-credentials.

The key to eco-friendliness is to avoid wasting energy, so it is wise to consider if there is any home maintenance you could do to avoid heat leaking from your home. 

Upgrading to double-glazing or investing in insulation could improve both your bills and your emissions. 

Additionally, consider the age and efficiency ratings of your current boiler. 

If it’s not up to scratch, replace it with a more energy-efficient model. 

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